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Welcome to Pabby's!

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Located at 319 West County Line Road in Hatboro, PA. Pabby's Pet Pantry provides Hatboro with all of its pet needs. We are an active community member through educational programs, participation in community events, and support for non-profits.

Our trained, knowledgeable and friendly sales staff is here to provide you with any information that you may need for your pet. We want all of our customers to have the best information and knowledge we can offer.

Our goal is to help consumers look past the advertising and at the actual ingredients that our companion pets are ingesting, and then to provide those healthy alternatives that strengthens the immune system and promote overall health and vitality.

Established in 2006, Pabby's Pet Pantry offers only healthy alternatives for dogs and cats. Our criteria for dog and cat food is strict:

At Pabby's Pet Pantry we believe the best thing you can give your pet is good health.

If we wouldn't give it to our pets, Won't find it in our store.